On Deck: Two Roads Clementine Gose

Two Roads Tanker Truck Series: Clementine Gose

The Two Roads Clementine Gose is part of their Tanker Truck Sour Series, a new series of kettle-soured beers that takes a different route in more ways than one. Kettle-soured beers incorporate bacteria in the brewing process and add sourness to the beer. After the success of the Two Evil Geyser Gose collaboration with Evil Twin, we are excited to give this one a try. 

With most sours beers, the souring process will occupy the brew kettle for two days while the mash sours. As a creative approach to free up the brew house at Two Roads, they repurposed an old milk tanker truck kept outside the facility to prevent any cross contamination from souring bacteria - a pretty unique & fun way to produce this delicious new brew. 

This beer is a classic gose with a modern twist - they source and blend fresh Moroccan Clementines (Citrus clementina) from a local craft juicery. The result is a tart, juicy ale with a hint of salt and distinctive tang of refreshing clementine. 

Try it later this weekend when the Stone Arrogant Bastard kicks. 

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