New Brewery Alert!

We are happy to announce we will the first restaurant to feature products on draft from Polyculture Brewing of Croydon, NH. Polyculture Brewing is a small, family-owned farmhouse brewery. They craft flavorful and approachable beers to be enjoyed with each season. You may have seen them pouring samples at the Lebanon Farmer’s Market.

We’ve brought in Hoppy Fingers, Autumn Sweater, and Ghost Shoes. Keep an eye on our beer menu at, or follow us on Untappd for real-time-updates of what we’re pouring!

Hoppy Fingers
Fresh Hop Farmhouse Ale

Farmhouse ale brewed with fresh hops grown and picked in Lebanon and at the brewery in Croydon along with a malt bill of barley and spelt grown in the Northeast. The beer lets the flavor of the hops shine through with fresh floral, citrusand tea notes and a slight bitterness. The spelt provides body to balance the dryfinish of the yeast.

ABV: 6.1%
TASTING NOTES: Floral and Crisp

Autumn Sweater
Amber Farmhouse Ale

Amber farmhouse ale brewed with a hefty dose of Munich-style malt and a hint of rye. These give it a light copper color and a malty, toasty flavor and aroma with light floral notes from the hops and a dry, spicy finish.

ABV: 6.4%
TASTING NOTES: Malty, Spicy and Crisp

Ghost Shoes
Dark Sour Wheat Ale

A spooky dark twist on a sour wheat ale. Dark in color with a hint of chocolate flavor from the malt but a light, fruity finish and aromas of berries. Looks can be deceiving.

ABV: 4.7%
TASTING NOTES: Tart and Fruity, with a hint of Chocolate