Now On Tap: Funky Bow Beer Company So Folkin' Hoppy IPA

An old favorite we brought back on tap. Make sure to try this spectacular Maine beer from Funky Bow Beer Company while supplies last. Pouring 10oz & 16oz Drafts.

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About the Brewer

“What would a brewery be without a story to compliment its rich flavorful beers? My father Paul and I were estranged for seven years. To this day we are not sure why, maybe we should have started a brewery a long time ago. At that time, my father was growing his winter farm business, while I was being educated in the sciences.

As I was preparing to graduate from college and working in a microbiology lab, I wrote my father a letter which he kindly responded to, and that started a unique dialogue unlike any we have had. That very Christmas he bought me the Cadillac of homebrew kits. I was already involved in home brewing groups at school, and my friend Donovan and I were experimenting with new, unique yeast strains and ingredients. I started brewing in my dad’s garage and went nuts, like a mad scientist.

I answered the phone at work one day only to be asked if I wanted to start a brewery, my answer as you can imagine was hell yes!! From that time we have been brewing beer, beer and more beer. Our style is as unique as our landscape; we intertwine a clean American ale style with a rustic twist. Nothing at Funky Bow is plain and/or normal; our beers will always challenge your taste buds in the best of ways.

As of August 2014 we started Funky Bow Bread and Pizza Company. Growler nights up on the hill involve beer, live music and free pizza slices. Our dough is handmade with our spent grain from the brewery. Come on down or up to the brewery in Lyman, Maine!!”

Brewer Notes

A delicious hoppy IPA. A generous addition of hops with a kiss of malt sweetness balances this IPA very well.  The nose is upfront with the galaxy hops, lending nuances of grapefruit, pine, and tropical notes.

Beer Specifications

STYLE: American IPA
ABV: 6.5%